Authentic Leadership Development. Sustainable Culture Transformation.


To  create world-wide social transformation by providing profound learning opportunities that awaken and strengthen personal innate human values. to foster social cohesion and a more humane and peaceful world.


The mission of the Human Values Center is to provide organizations holistic values training and assessment, whereby the impact of intentional values-driven behaviors transform culture, and that impact is measured and reported to the degrees by which collectively shared values are instilled in the ethos, culture, work and outputs of organizations/communities, to create a sustainable positive change.


Our clients receive personalized values training and assessment based on the self-described values set for individuals and organizations. 

  • Data collection, analytics, one-one-one and small group facilitation and individualized written reports with quantitative and qualitative feedback to provide awareness and understanding of individual personal values.
  • Individual and group learning activities and instruction to develop authentic and compassionate leadership.
  • Establish, articulate and practice more clearly defined, true and shared organizational values, which in turn strengthens compassion as a value in action.

The Problem

Literally hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations have expressed strong desire to elevate the prominence of compassion as a shared human value in all aspects of our society.  There is a desire to return to “doing the right thing” with decency, integrity, and strong moral character.  People desire work and community conditions that bring out the best of what humanity has to offer. 

Few constituents are adequately and professionally prepared to lead effective campaigns for building values-driven initiatives within their communities. For example, while there are those that have declared compassion as a value, few have been able to demonstrate or quantify how effective compassionate actions positively impact their lives, or the work of their respective organizations.  Much of the net impact is shared through narratives and anecdotal story telling.  With measurements, tracking and reporting, these metrics can aid organizations in continuing efforts, justify investment of time and resources into these efforts, celebrate the dedication to this critical human value of compassion, and increase the potential of compassionate action. 

The Solution

The Human Values Center offers values-based holistic leadership development, training, assessment and coaching programs for individuals, leadership teams and full-scale organization and community populations.  These programs are tailored to meet the needs of the client, made available online and in person by using hybrid formats. The net result for the participating individual or organization is to earn a visible trademarked certification.

Program offerings

Unique components of each copyrighted sector certification program, designed to meet the needs of the particular client seeking to become certified:

  • Reflection/Contemplation/Mindfulness self-development exercises
  • Individual and group values assessment, includes guided analysis and data summary
  • facilitation; long term tracking mechanisms
  • Values driven action plan development
  • Local community based “Hands On” Service projects
  • Final reports, certificate presentation/representative @ PR event if desired








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