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Compassion and Values-Based Leadership

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This course in compassionate and values-based leadership compliments the collaboration with Patrik Andersson and Helhetskommunikation Management.

The process of transformational, compassionate, values-based leadership begins with the deep personal development process necessary to create positive teams and collaboration. Leaders move through the process of developing compassion, develop the skills of listening, colllaboration, team strategies, needs analysis, and positive change!

Patrik AnderssonWelcome to the online learning platform designed for our course!  Patrik Andersson of Helhetskommunikation Management -- organizational consultants specializing in culture transformation, change management and sustainability -- will be your guide in your learning journey.

This is the online portion of the work we will do in our sessions on Compassion and Values-Based Leadership. This will offer us the opportunity to dialogue, practice, reinforce, and transform in between our in person meetings. The course was developed to promote the understanding of compassion and values to us personally and in our organizational contexts. 

Created in conjunction with the Human Values Center, Helhetskommunikation and the leadership from the Charter for Compassion, the journey was designed to provide for a meaningful and transformative learning experience. 


Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction to Course

Welcome to the program in Compassion and Values-Based Leadership! The module reviews an introduction to compassion and the learning objectives for the module.

2. What is Compassion?

The module will answer the question: What is and what is not Compassion?

3. The Science of Compassion

Compassion development and practice can improve your health and brain functioning, and we have the data to prove it.

4. Personal Attributes

Discovering your strengths, values, and personality is an important first step on your journey to practicing compassion.

5. The Effective Leader

To become an effective and compassionate leader, you need to carefully develop the skills which are truly the most necessary. Research shows that the best leaders value their people's thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

6. Learning Check

A brief survey to measure your progress in the course.

7. Personal Development

Aspects of personal development and compassion with strategies for improvement are reviewed.

8. Dialogue, Communication, & Collaboration

The skills one needs to lead effectively begin with the interpersonal and soft skills of mastering effective communication.

9. Plan for Compassion and Values-Based Practice

Create a plan to practice compassion and values-based leadership in your personal life, organization, community and the planet.

10. Learning Check

11. Organizational Assessment

Develop tools to understand what your organization needs to be more effective.

12. Plan for Compassion and Values-Based Leadership

As the culminating activity in this course, you will create an action plan for compassion development in your organization, institution or personal context. You should have the tools and strategies necessary to create a positive change!


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Certificate of completion
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